"Art is just a sentimental construct to alleviate our fear of death”

                                             -- from the series 'six feet under'

about yours immortally

Yours immortally is an art production house working in the visual arts medium, founded in 2014 in Jersey City by Antoinette Marie Llanos Pelle, an acclaimed artist, funeral director and bonafide taxidermist whose prolific (and eclectic) work primarily focuses on creating pieces of art that aim to allow people who feel true love toward life and preserve that feeling-have it frozen for them eternally.  Antoinette’s pieces have her favorite ‘exploration of that existential conflict present in all living beings that results from having an intense and innate desire to live but coming to the realization that death is inevitable'.  Antoinette enjoys connecting with and experiencing works of fellow artists, which for me is someone, anyone who works to perfect a craft that they enjoy. I enjoy working with my hands and I love exploring what peoples thoughts are about death and how they confront it, other themes that I am intensely interested in include love – which is a reason I create for owners of deceased pets, a memorial from their believed pets so that they have a reminder of love that is eternal.